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Thu, 02.06.2016, Doors 19:00
Entry: EUR 13,- zzgl.
“Music lovers and lovers in general. Once again we hit the Autobahn, this time to do a spring tour! We're super excited, as always and can't hardly wait to get that party started!” - Spiders

KARTENVORVERKAUF: (13,- zzgl. Geb.) online unter oeticket und NTRY, sowie bei allen oeticket Vorverkaufsstellen.

Spiders mix garage/proto-punk and early hard-rock with bluesy melodies, brimming with the energy and raw riffs of the early ’70s, the high-octane three min raunch of Suzi Quatro and The Dictators and enough modern day suss to put any contemporary “stoner’ or “garage band” to shame.
Spiders started in 2010 and their music has been described as “70’s fragrant hard rock”, “Motörhead bash” and “a riff party” and highly acclaimed by magazines like Classic Rock, Record Collector and Metal Hammer to name a few. In October 2012 Spiders released their debut album Flash Point which got nominated for Best Rock of the Year by Sweden’s P3 Gold Music Award (hosted by the largest national radio). Since the album release Spiders have been busy touring Europe with bands like Graveyard, Kvelertak and Blood Ceremony.
By late October 2014 Spiders released their long-awaited second album.

Nach einer kreativen Auszeit sind die Mädls von „Falling For Beautiful“ aus Innsbruck wieder am Start. In gewohnt lässiger Rock-Manier präsentieren sie neue Songs zum Mitshaken und Abgrooven, ohne dabei auf den nötigen Tiefgang bei den Lyrics zu verzichten. „Falling for Beautiful“ vereinen fette Riffs, wummernden Bass und knackige Drumbeats zu einem massiven Sound-Gerüst, das durch die Stimme von Sängerin Marina Dolores unverwechselbaren Charakter bekommt.
web: https://www.facebook.com/fallingforbeautiful/app/2405167945/

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