Too Tangled (BE)
Students Night

Mon, 08.12.2014, Doors 21:00
Entry: EUR 0,-
TOO TANGLED are an indie-electro-rock duo hailing from Ghent, Belgium.

Roeland Vandemoortele (Vox, Guitar, Drumbeats) and Eva Buytaert (Vox, Violin, Keys) formed Too Tangled 5 years ago, and have since released their debut album ‘The Magic Got Killed’ (2010, a.o. nr 1 in OOR magazine underground top 5) and their 2nd album ‘Where the echoes die’ (2012, a.o. Best of spring 2013 De Standaard) both to much ‘Hail&Praises’ of the European press.

Their singles have been picked up by many cool College-radio’s, aswell as national stations. A.o. Klaus Fiehe and Jan Douwe Kroeske picked up their previous album in their exclusive leading radio-shows. Their music was played on FluxFM, DRS Virus, Radio Eins, Radio Eins Live, Radio Fritz, Corso, BR2, Radio Salzburg, Radio 1, FM Brussels, Equinox, Twizz radio...
Their music is described as sexy, catchy and subtile agressive. Parallels get drawn with bands such as The Velvet Underground, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, The Raveonettes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Jezus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine; and they get praised as well for their ‘own fresh sound’.

Roeland and Eva (TT) have been touring through Europe most of the past 14 months with their album 'Where the echoes die'. After spending the last 48.000 km in their Van, 83 shows and watching the concrete fly by underneath them, playing full venues and great shows, but also, sometimes giving the best of themselves for 10 people, beating it up every time, and crashing in hotel rooms for a couple of hours of sleep before driving off to the next gig… ... Restless going after that one moment where time is nonexistent… They had the urge to make this new album.


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