The Hidden Cameras
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Fri, 09.04.2010, Doors 21:00
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Toronto's The Hidden Cameras, a group who once described their sound as "gay church folk music", are the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist Joel Gibb.
"Folk" addresses not only the central motif of Gibb's strummed acoustic guitar, but the communal, open-door policy that has seen the band swell to as many as 15 on-stage members, excluding up to 15 male go-go dancers who strip down to underwear and encourage the audience to sing along to lyrics projected onto a backdrop. The group's elaborate live performances won the group a widespread and devoted following in Canada and all over the world. The Hidden Cameras - a mix of queer politics, explicit sexuality, symphonic indie pop, and theatrical spectacle that borders on the religious.


To speak of an artist's "growth" is an unforgivable cliche, but it's hard to describe Origin:Orphan, The Hidden Cameras' latest release, as anything but an evolutionary leap beyond their previous efforts. With this album, their fourth studio record proper, Toronto's self-proclaimed "mild-mannered army" have sunk their roots deeper, branched wider, and gained a new musical maturity. "This album is a foray into new territory," says Joel Gibb, the Cameras' founder and front man, "exploring genre as a theme in itself while retaining classic Hidden Cameras moments."
It's no secret that The Hidden Cameras is Gibb's baby, and, in some ways, we can regard the band as a solo project. He writes all the songs, sings them, plays guitar and a number of other instruments on record, and designs the CD covers and stage sets.."
"In the NA," the album's first single, finds Gibb playing every instrument except bass and drums. "I worked more on this song than any in my entire life," he says.

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