TV Buddhas (ISR)
Students Night

Mon, 09.05.2011, Doors 21:00
Entry: EUR 0,-


TV Buddhas are a Berlin based , Tel Aviv born, garage trio, that plays fast, urgent, loser oriented melodic new wave, inspired by bands like The Ramones, The Wipers, The Modern Lovers and The Replacements. Their anti-social lyrics deal with being outsiders in a world of cool people, where everything is driven by hype and image. They consist of two lead guitars (Uri Triest, and Juval Haring) and one minimalistic drum kit (Mickey Triest). Haring's vocal style has been compared to that of early Iggy Pop, or Cheetah Chrome.
The band formed around late 2007 and has played over 600 shows since, all over Europe, the States and Canada. TVB have released two LPs ("The Golden Period" and "Dying At The Party") and one EP (S/T).
Recently the band has shot a documentary of its first US tour, titled "Band In The Modern World". The film is a bleak and realistic depiction of how DIY touring looks like in post-Internet-boom America. It features a soundtrack written by the band.


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