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Support: East Cameron Folkcore (US)

Tue, 09.06.2015, Doors 19:00
Entry: EUR 22,- (VVK)


KARTENVORVERKAUF (22,00 EUR) im Downtown Sound Record Store, bei allen Ö-Ticket VVK-Stellen und online unter www.ntry.at/frankturner

When is an underdog no longer an underdog? Is it when he’s the act who begins the Olympics Opening Ceremony? Maybe it’s when he has headlined both Wembley Arena and O2 Arena, two of the UK capital’s biggest venues? Or perhaps it’s when each of his records is bigger and more successful than the last: selling more, playing more, infiltrating the nation’s consciousness more? Or maybe it’s simpler than that: maybe an underdog is no longer an underdog when he connects in the way that Frank Turner connects, writing songs that inspire their crowd to reflect, to singalong, to holler along, to hold their arms aloft, all at once.

It is almost a decade since Frank Turner went solo following the demise of Million Dead, the hardcore quartet he fronted. In that time, he has been on a constant upward curve, its momentum propelled forward by a mixture of Turner’s force of will and his effortless craft of song. Each record now brings with it new landmarks for the 32-year-old from Hampshire. His fourth album, 2011’s England Keep My Bones, sold more than 100,000 copies and entered the UK Charts at number 12. Its success raised questions for the singer. “It made me think about where I’m starting and where I’m heading,” he says. “It made me wonder if I could continue as a musician with integrity influenced by punk rock whilst doing arena tours. The answer I concluded is yes, obviously.”
web: www.frank-turner.com

Support: East Cameron Folkcore (US)
Mit der Energie und dem Zorn einer Hardcore-Band haut uns dieses elfköpfige Monster ungemein eingängige Melodien in die Birne. Die können zwar Folk-Wurzeln haben, müssen es aber nicht. Denn Stilgrenzen interessieren hier nur am Rande. Rock oder Punk, Folk oder Country, düstere Besinnung oder testosterongeladener Nackenschwinger: "All music is folk music", glaubt die Band, und wirft alles, was sie hat, in die Waagschale. Banjos und Mandolinen. Cellos und Posaunen. Und natürlich Gitarren, Gitarren, Gitarren. Es wird laut, und dann noch mal ein Stück lauter.
web: www.eastcameronfolkcore.com

KARTENVORVERKAUF direkt auf unserer Website unter den angegebenen Links (auf der Seite der jeweiligen Veranstaltung) und meistens bei allen oeticket VVK-Stellen (bitte Infos beachten)

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