Students Night

Mon, 10.11.2014, Doors 21:00
Entry: EUR 0,-
True brothers in arms, Peter and Alex were both junior national surfing champions, representing Great Britain at major International events, living the surfing dream on the Cornish coast … and then they discovered rock n roll … which seemed to fit in neatly with the ‘surf, write songs, smoke spliff and write more songs’ lifestyle .

They then formed a two piece and started honing their craft, which gradually grew in its dominance of their collective days. Swapping boards for Guitars and drums, Alex and Peter started gigging in earnest – traveling the length and breadth of Europe in the mandatory battered van, collecting fans wherever they went… creating optimum noise with minimum band members and fuss.

A licensing deal swiftly followed, with major support from Germany, Italy and Benelux, The Sea broke all the rules and did it their way.

Then potential tragedy struck - Alex, in a very untimely fashion broke his neck in a surfing accident, resulting in surgery and physio for an extended period of well over a year and at one time it looked as if he would never play again! However, in typical Sea fashion, Alex didn't take no for an answer and is now back playing better than ever...
This was swiftly followed by several other life threatening situations for the 2 brothers; 100mph car crashes, near drownings, many broken bones...It's been a mental few years, more than most people could cope with in a life time...

The Sea are possibly the most dangerous band to be around in the world!


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