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Alice In Videoland
One Night Of Electronic Rock

Sat, 11.09.2010, Doors 21:00
Entry: EUR 5,-
Alice in Videoland is an electroclash band from Sweden. They are compared to bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Missing Persons and The Sounds, although they are more electronic.


Alice in Videoland was formed in 2002 by singer Toril Lindqvist and former bandmember Carl Lundgren and got a massive respons on their very first demo. After just six months on the "demo market" the band got signed to National and recruited Anders Alexander (drums, synths etc) and Johan Dahlbom (bass). The recording of their debut album "maiden voyage" (2003) began and at the same time the band was storming the clubscenes with their energic and charismatic liveshows!

The second album "outrageous" was released in 2005 and by now the band had become true underground heroes with an ever growning worldwide fanbase. The single "cut the crap" opened up the US market for the band and a contract was signed with US label Storming the base. Before the release of "outrageous" Carl left the band and was replaced by Dominique.
In 2008 Alice in Videoland was back with their third album, "Shes a Machine!" and the band signed a record deal that cover the rest of the world and the band is right now in the middle of a tour that is taking the band to new exciting countries.
By 2010 the band got signed to Wonderland records and released the single "spaceship", a taste of whats to come from the bands 4:th album that will be released in autumn 2010, and from what we heard so far, this album will something extraordinary smashing!

web: www.myspace.com/aliceinvideoland

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