Mon, 14.11.2016, Doors 21:00
Entry: EUR 0,-
✖ free entry!
✖ club open: 21:00 'til dawn
✖ drink specials: Jägermeister shot / Weiss sauer / Bier 0,5l (1,50 / 2,- / 3,-)
✖ Weekender DJs

Like Elephants is the result of a year long collaboration of five musicians in earlier band projects. The latest of these projects, „Like Elephants“, was made pubic in February of 2014.
The initial founders of this band from Upper Austria are Viktor Koch (Vocals, Guitar), Christian Luger (Drums), Martin Wührer (Guitar) and Roland Gugerbauer (Bass). The fifth member, Manuel Hauer, joined shortly after the band’s formation and is the man behind the synthesizer. At the time the first songs were created, they were immediately recorded in the very own home studio, which created a very authentic lo-fi sound. The first concerts in Austria followed shortly after.
In December of 2014, „Like Elephants“ began its collaboration with the Viennese record label „Noise Appeal Records“.

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