Headwater (CAN)
Students Night

Mon, 21.11.2011, Doors 21:00
Entry: EUR 0,-
Nach ihrem famosen Auftritt 2010, kehrt das Quartett aus Kanada nun in den Weekender zurück!


Hearing Headwater is like listening to the West Coast of Canada in song. Freewheeling, fierce, sentimental and sexy, the Vancouver, B.C., quartet has earned its reputation as one of the finest acoustic roots groups around the old-fashioned way.
They work their asses off! Since forming in 2001, the group has logged in thousands of kilometres criss-crossing Western Canada and playing to anyone and everyone willing to give it some love. With hooks, driving rhythms, adventurous steel guitar and mandolin solos, and beautiful three-part vocal harmonies all featured in tight, concise under four-minute songs, they found fans fast. Or they roped them in at first, street busking before gigs rather than hanging out waiting for crowds to come to them.
This is a band of musicians who do what they do because nothing else would be right. No rock star wannabees aloud.
Tackling themes of death, loss, and of course, love, their 2 albums „My Old Friend“ and „Lay You Down“ solidify Headwater as one of Canada's strongest young folk and country acts.


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