Say Yes Dog (LUX)
Students Night

Mon, 25.11.2013, Doors 21:00
Entry: EUR 0,-

Transmitting stellar warmth into the sonosphere since late 2011, Say Yes Dog's music exudes the oceanic, mineral breeze of their current home-shore Luxembourg. Aaron Ahrends, Paul Rundel and Pascal Karier melt oozing synth-scapes and meandering time-signatures into pieces reminiscent of Fink, Miike Snow or James Blake. Daringly trying to restate instrumental categories, their songs provide kaleidoscopic vistas; guitar becomes bass, drums are melodic and vocals riffy. These cosmopolitans (Two members are from Berlin, one is obscurely Luxembourgeois) do not aim towards club-compatibility, yet they also manage to steer clear of avantgarde-complacency. Incorporating sons trouvés and multi-layered vocals into their sonic tapestries, they preserve an organic plasticity often missing from today's electronic register. After various gigs and radio-performances in the Netherlands, the trio is currently preparing their first EP release. Festival appearances at Germany's Fusion Festival and Luxembourg's Food for your Senses this summer saw them confirming their potential as a live-act on a transcontinental scale . And but so, if you want to be their future, don't regret what you will see. You will get it.

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