Dan San (BE)
Students Night

Mon, 28.05.2012, Doors 21:00
Entry: EUR 0,-

In 2010 Dan San released its first EP, Pillow, which was by both the public and the critics warmly received. Since then the band has been touring in Belgium (Nuits du Botanique, Les Ardentes, Nuit du Soir, Francopholies de Spa,...), but also in France (Bar en Trans, Flèche d'Or, 4Ecluses,...). Four of the seven titles of this EP have reached a few radio stations and are getting airplay on Classic 21 and Pure FM.

After six months in a studio, the band is back with a first album: Domino. This record is more introspective and atmospheric than the previous one and reveals all the finesse of Dan San's songwriting. The arrangements are richer and now include drums, brass, and strings. Their songs are mainly composed of vocal harmonies accompanied by guitars, a bass and percussion. In order to reflect its musical aspirations at best, the original quartet has also welcomed a violist and a pianist.

Dan San proposes a unique indie-folk universe, between Grizzly Bear, Syd, Matters or Fleet Foxes. Dreamy moments are alternating with enchanting instants, sometimes ending in triumph.

Domino has been composed in 2010 and was recorded at Studio 5 in Liège by Raphaël Wynands, the mastering was made at the Exchange in London. The album is going to be released in Belgium in January 2012 under the label JauneOrange.



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