Students Night

Mon, 29.03.2010, Doors 21:00
Entry: EUR 0,-


Over the last year everyone is talking about them. Blog, music magazines, promoters and remixers from everywhere, they are in love with DID. Less than one year and they already had shows in all big and significant clubs in Italy besides lots a festivals with thousands people. This, thanks to media rumors owing to brilliant singles as Ask U2 (web) and Time for Shopping (already sold out and become a rarity for fans) and now thanks to most acclaimed debut LP "Kumar Solarium" boosted by music and other magazines. Snotties, they twit the indie scene looking for a different way instead of main stream, a real independent phenomenon starting from new york post punk and no-wave, fascinated by the present futuredisco stream which stand beside afro-beat, all these things originating by club-culture (listen to dancefloor hit Time for shopping, remixed all around the world!) but playing punk instruments. After being attended in 2009, only italian band with Disco Drive, on cult-club-night stage of White Heat in London, in 2010 DID will cross again italian borders…


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